Carate River Valley



Didn’t go for the early rise this morning as we were a bit tired from yesterdays travelling. Instead we decided to head back to the Carate river mouth after breakfast to have a look along the runway, check out the macaws (which are still a novelty for us) at the almond plantation and then follow the river up the valley. The runway provided good birding as promised. Lots of tanagers, peregrine falcon, yellow-headed caracara and plenty of hummingbirds. Made the mistake of trying to enter the almond plantation to try and get some clearer photos. The owner of the little shop came out and shouted at us. He didn’t want us disturbing his birds. Fair enough I suppose but he could at least put up a sign. Later found out from some of the lodge staff that he moans at everyone and is generally a bit miserable and unfriendly.


White-faced Capuchin


The river valley walk was pleasant and good for insects (lots of dragonflies and blue morpho) and raptors (white hawk, king, black and turkey vulture) but definitely going to try the forest trials tomorrow. Afternoon was spent chilling out in the hammocks back at the lodge. Got some macro photos of the leaf cutters that were marching through the area and enjoyed a performance from the local capuchin mob who are clearly well practised at stealing coconuts from the barbeque.



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