Sirena to La Leona


We set off on our return hike to La Leona around 7am as we hoped to arrive in time for lunch and a cold beer. An overcast morning with the threat of rain looming. We had good views of a troop of squirrel monkeys on the costal trail just before the River Claro river crossing, so all four monkey species were indeed sighted during our 2 night stay which kind of says it all about this place. We made the river crossing easily and this time walked the beach for much of the route up to Salsipuedes as the tide was far out. I’d say we probably walked for a bout 2 hours in the dry before the heavens opened and in proper rainforest style is hammered down continuously for the rest of the day. This meant very little wildlife viewing but we were more than kept occupied by the various river crossings. All the little creeks suddenly became fast flowing little torrents and the camera gear was packed away in dry bags leaving the monopod for use as a sturdy stick and water crossing aid. Corcovado National Park really showed us it’s other side here and a walk that was really quite relaxed on the way in became rather hazardous on the way back. We had to take great care in helping each other across the water flows and in some cases we hade to wade up to our waists through very fast flowing water. You need to take care here, a good stick and a companion help to avoid being knocked over into the water and washed down into the sea which would not be much fun. Interestingly the river crossing at the Madrigal was much easier than some of the smaller creeks.


We arrived back at La Leona Lodge around 12pm very soggy but with everything in tact and having quite enjoyed the adventure and the staff at the Lodge having heard our news had prepared the honeymoon tent for us which was a lovely touch. It continued to rain for the rest of the day but we are leaving the peninsula early tomorrow morning and have spent the time organizing our bags and enjoying the cold drinks.


So a second trip to this amazing place has once again failed to disappoint. We just missed and encounter with a puma and her cubs which is a little hard to take but some of our other encounters such as watching the otter go about his business, being surrounded by vexed peccaries and tamanduas and tapir with babies in tow will stay with us forever. The world is a big place and there is so much to see that I’m not sure I’ll be back to this part of the world anytime soon but something tells me that this may not have been my last visit. I’m thinking that the temptation of the Los Patos – Sirena trial may be too much to resist!

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