Fishing Otters & Angry Tamanduas


Fishing Otter

Up at dawn this morning and straight to the start of the trail by the small creek. We were greeted by a neotropical otter who provided we stayed still allowed us to get quite close. Judging by the colour and smell of his scats which we encountered on numerous rocks up stream we reckon that he was fishing primarily for shrimp. Managed to get a couple of shots even in the poor light. He was accompanied by a pair of green kingfishers.


We followed the path up the side of the hill further into the forest. The lodge have been camera trapping these trails and they’ve got some impressive photos of ocelot and puma so we know that there are cats in the area. We didn’t see any prints on this path although we had earlier spotted what looked like ocelot prints on the beach. After about 30 minutes of not seeing much at all we stumbled into a female northern tamandua with a baby on her back right in the middle of the path. She did the whole stand up on her hind legs and spread the arms thing in an effort to appear larger than life and ward us off. She was also making quite a racket and it actually had the desired effect, we kept our distance and she eventually made a run for it. Unfortunately the once again poor light meant no photo. Photography in the rainforest is always hard and I don’t like disturbing the wildlife with flash guns. As such this was probably my third or fourth encounter with this animal and bar a few grainy silhouettes I’m still dry on the photo front. It was great to see this behaviour though and to encounter a mother with baby.


Scarlet MacawShortly after the tamandua encounter the path wound back down to the creek which we followed the back to the beach watching the blue morphos and hummingbirds flitting in and out of shafts of sunshine. We pitched up back at the lodge to find that the local almond trees had been invaded by macaws. The position of the lodge up on a high bank with the trees growing below means that the macaws are feeding in the tree tops at eye level and this provides for some fantastic photo opportunities.


We ended the day with a bottle of frontera back at the creek mouth at sundown. And whilst watching the fishing bats I asked my good lady to marry me and she said yes. All in all a very memorable day!

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